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and as. Find more similar words at! Definition of such as in the Idioms Dictionary. such as phrase. What does such as expression mean?

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such as synonyms, such as pronunciation, such as translation, English dictionary definition of such as. adj. 1. a. Of this kind: a single parent, one of many such people in the neighborhood. b.

Synonyms for such as include for example, for instance, like, viz, including, in particular, namely, say, e.g. and as.

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♢ ‘I met a lot of important people in Canada.’ ‘Such as?’ (= give me an example). 2 of a kind that; like: Opportunities such as this don’t come along every day. such as meaning, definition, what is such as: used when giving an example of something: Learn more. Use such as to provide specific examples of something you’re talking about.

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expand_more En sån dos ger en euforisk känsla av välbehag följd av en oerhörd trötthet. Even the honour of guarding such a treasure would bring fame to Burgund, my lord. The phrase such as can easily be replaced: She likes buying small items of clothing for him, such as T-shirts, pants and socks. She likes buying small items of clothing for him, such as T-shirts, pants or socks. There are good bargains to be found in that store, for example T-shirts, pants and socks. Kontrollera 'such as' översättningar till svenska.

Such as

2. a.
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Such as

real names such as Leopold it is apt to stick  Such as pachtaoge, garmi, saki-saki, etc. To je dovelo do njihovog prvog dejta, koji se navodno dogodio 16. g. Dr. Show All. Siham Shurafa is an actress and  1 Levvis the tvvelfth of France , being advised by some of his council to punish such as vvere Enemies to him vvhen he vvas Duke of Orleans ; ansvvered like a  Such as is similar to like for introducing examples, but it is more formal, and is used more in writing than like: She has worked in several countries where English is spoken as a first language, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and so on.

1. for example. 2.
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